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Should business analyst know SQL

Should business analyst know SQL

Now a days many recruiters mention SQL as a IT skill  set for a business analyst. Why would they do that? There are many reasons on why a business analyst should know SQL and how it is helpful.

Gone are the days when many thought that SQL knowledge is a ‘desirable’ skill for a business analyst to have. But now the business analysts are ‘required’ to have a basic SQL knowledge (atleast few basic commands) to work on their daily tasks.

Companies around the world rely on their databases to keep their businesses running smoothly and efficiently. For some companies, if their database goes down, then their whole business stops. Did you know that the only way you can talk to these databases is through SQL?

Most of the applications which are developed these days use RDBMS like Microsoft SQL server. MySQL, Oracle RDB, PostgreSQL etc. Having  knowledge of SQL will help to do some basic tasks like creating a db table, dropping or deleting it, creating and modifying the query to get the data out of db tables etc

As a business analyst, you may need to work on ER diagrams which consists of all the information on the entities and relationships of the data and its flow. It will be very helpful for you to read and understand these documents when you know SQL basics.

You can get the data you want by writing a simple query without asking for any external help especially during the application testing.

Just to answer the question – Should business analyst know SQL ?

Here is a summarized answer – a business analyst doesn’t need to get trained on database administration. All he can do is to learn some simple functions to work with SQL which will help you do better in your data driven projects.

Hope this article helped. Please feel free to reach us in case you have any questions.

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Rajesh Rao
Rajesh Rao
22 mars 2022

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