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Essentials for a Business Analyst

Business Analysis is simple! Almost anyone can do it. Just kidding 😊. Actually, as we all know, SDLC is a team work. Since the BA is in between the various stake holders, BA does play a central role. A good BA is a great listener, drills down to details, stays sharp on the basics, resourceful, and gets along with everybody! Let me indulge to elaborate,

1) Listening is so underrated:

Listening is how we understand what others or stakeholder/s are saying or not saying. This helps to find out what someone said or didn’t say. It is your job to pet Only after carefully listening we find out what follow up questions to ask and what other factors to consider in the project. Project is served best when all relevant information is considered and collected in the initial stages.

2) The devil is in the detail:

Take any topic or part of a project to drill down to the minute detail relating to the project relying on your experience to sift through the details. Attention to detail can make or break your project.

3) Need to know the basics:

You seriously need to know the basics of Business Analysis. The complexities of the Software systems are enormous, especially the ERP type systems. Therefore, it is important to know the basics of software development to understand how the developers work and think. How a front end typically interacts with the back end, the Database. Process flow diagrams are critical to visualize the flow of information. Use cases shows the user interaction with the system. These are the basics any good BA worth his or her salt should know.

4) Resourceful:

I cannot say enough about this. If You don’t have an answer, go find the person in the organization who has it, search for it on the web. If you decide to approach someone outside the organization be discreet so as not to reveal sensitive information. The BA being in a central position can smooth tensions between teammates or between departments as tension often seem to flare up but do not make a bad situation worse! Never forget the point that you as a facilitator wear multiple hats at the same time!

5) Interpersonal skills:

IMHO you catch more flies with honey. Well a BA is not exactly out there to catch flies, but gather information to put together a document. When you put people at ease by your friendly demeanor you are more likely to get the proper information to fulfill your responsibilities.

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