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Business Analysis Professionals Around the World: Be Heard

Organizations today need good business analysis to help guide them through the crisis of the pandemic. Do you have the skills and experience to step up and help? What does the new normal mean for you?

In the heat of the crisis of COVID business has changed and for those of us practicing business analysis it is important to step up in our role to guide our organizations through this challenging time.

In the 2020 Global Business Analysis Salary Survey, IIBA asks what barriers do you face in your role, do you have a voice with leadership, are you involved in digital transformation?

What does your career in business analysis look like in 2020?

In the second quarter of 2020, LinkedIn statistics are showing massive growth with 23.3 million people noting business analysis as a skill or part of the experience, 9.8 million with the title of ‘Business Analyst’ and 4.4 million with the title of ‘Senior Business Analyst’.

Your career journey is not linear anymore. In today’s job market, career growth is becoming more fluid as individuals change jobs, change industries, transition to functional roles, become managers and enter leadership.

How does your salary, education and experience compare to your peers?

Do you have a clear picture of local salaries, career skills, and trends in business analysis? Are you curious to know how your salary compares with other business analysis professionals around the world?

Answer our survey for quality regional and global results

Last year, IIBA introduced regional analysis to its Salary Survey looking at local markets to share average salary, years of experience, education, certifications, top paying industries and much more. To continue to provide these insights, IIBA needs your help to get a good sample of global markets. You can help by sharing the Salary Survey by email or posting in your social media circles to help us track the global BA pulse.

Are you working in a trending area of business analysis?

The current survey will report on global salary and career trends as well as look at the role of business analysis professionals working in agile, product ownership, digital transformation, data analytics and cybersecurity analysis as well as the core skills in demand.

2020 Global BA Salary Survey key features:

  • Data on salaries analyzed by education, years of experience, top industries and more.

  • Comprehensive statistics on sought after skills and top speciality areas where BAs work.

  • Employment snapshot of salary, skills development, education and more.

Help us help you understand where you fit in the big picture.

To provide the most robust, comprehensive global salary and career trend perspectives, IIBA needs your help to get global input. I would really encourage you to take a moment to complete this important survey and to share it with your colleagues and your network.

The deadline to take the salary survey has been extended until July 17th. IIBA will release the annual Global Business Analysis Salary Survey in September. Take a moment to participate and the share the link below with your colleagues. The survey is open to IIBA members and non-members. #IIBASalarySurvey #businessanalysissurvey

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